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 Crete & Interesting Links


  The great island, the largest island after the Cypriot plane leaf, the fifth largest in the Mediterranean. Its length is two hundred fifty kilometres, its width varies from twelve to fifty two. It engraves the two rival seas surrounding it, separates and conciliates them… Cretan and Libyan Sea. From the West to the East and from the East to the West, you have to come to this place, you cannot escape.

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A classic passage, an inevitable route for centuries and millenaries… Travelling in the region of Heraklion means travelling to the roots of Europe, as it is not an exaggeration to say that the history of Europe was deployed here, where the first European civilization was formed, the Minoan civilization, and since then, local history has been directly related to all great historical events that characterised the European continent. During all these years, from the antiquity until today, the peoples passing through the region have left behind the marks of their civilization, composing thus a fascinating accumulation of human presence and creation. During this period the palaces of Knossos, Faistos, Malia, Archanes, the marvellous villas of Tylissos, Aghia Triada and other buildings of smaller size, but also of great interest, have been built all over the region of Heraklion. The radiance of these centres extends to the whole of the Mediterranean basin. Architecture, painting, pottery and goldsmithery reach high levels of perfection.

Bellow are usefull and interesting links, which hve information over the area of the guest house and Crete in general :
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Cretan Adventures is the specialized company in the area of outdoor activities and alternative forms of tourism in Crete and Greece. Crete
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